What students do when they forgot where they kept their work

Today I am going to write about the third useful App for students. It is Ever note.


Ever note is a free application in apple, android and windows stores, which helps students to organize their notes, emails, image…etc. It is handy, searchable, indestructible. Even if a student miss their phone, their data is secured in the Cloud.

Ever note become the favorite application for lots of students. During the class, student can take a picture of the whiteboard, save it as a note and pay their attention with the teachers’ explanation.

Students can take their handwritten notes and add them by scanning or taking a snapshot. Also, they can add voice records, image notes, or text notes through any of the clients, and organize them as they prefer.

With Ever note, student able to clip the related part of a Web page. If they clip the whole page, they can add notes and highlight texts which are relevant to their need.

They can use tags to retain all their notes in perfect order.

Student can Share their notebooks with their classmate.

Finally, Evernote sync automatically, giving the student the freedom to access their notes from anywhere or whatever device they use.

Below you can watch the video which explain in details how to use this considerable app.


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