I am going to write  blogs that will run weekly for seven consecutive weeks. Those blogs will be about seven apps that are recommended for students who are interested in experiencing, exploring and learning more about integrating learning technologies into their learning experience.

Every week with one app. what going to be mention are

What are those apps?

The benefits of using them?

How they can be used?

Beginning In this week, I am going to write about Mendeley APP. Mendeley is great APP for students and researcher as well. It is a permitted reference manager and academic, societal web. Make your own fully searchable public library in minutes, quote as you write, and read and make notes on your PDFs on any device.

menedely image

You can store your files in one place and access them from anywhere else once you create your account. You can search your documents and reference them. You can spot notes and highlight the text.

Once you stored your documents they suggest other documents that have been read by other people on the same subject.

You can use the APP online or offline. You can use your documents privately or if you prefer to share them with your friend or colleagues. You can make groups and work together and ask for feedback.

As a student, I benefit from this APP as I stored my documents and organized them regard the subject. I can access this APP from my pocket. I download the APP in my smartphone. I can access my documents from any PC even if the APP is not installed on that PC. I don’t have to take my laptop everywhere as my laptop has all my files. I only need to sign in and access all my files. I can know which documents I already read and which one I have not read yet.


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